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Step Into The Future With Extended Reality

A digital experiences distributor that enriches customer environments using extended reality technologies.

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We are excited about the possibilities created by extended reality technologies and wish to bring the best technology brands in this space to the Southern African market.

Extended Reality

About Us

Who We Are

At XR Works, we aim to enable organisations to innovate the way they work, learn and teach by using Extended Reality (XR) technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR), Assisted Reality (aR), Virtual Reality (VR) and Mixed Reality (MR).


We are a B2B distribution business representing the best Extended Reality vendors.

Our culture is one of collaboration, free thinking, flexibility, and overachieving.

Our small and focused team is excited about the transformational power of XR in the workplace. 

Pillars of Extended Reality

As technology advances, we see the rise of altered realities, the most well-known being Virtual Reality (VR). Alongside this, you've got Augmented Reality (AR), Assisted Reality (aR) and Mixed Reality (MR). These technologies are collectively referred to as Extended Reality (XR).

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VR is a completely immersive experience that places you in a  3D simulated environment.

Virtual Reality

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Augmented Reality

AR is when your surroundings are enhanced by overlaying digital elements to to your physical environment.

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Assisted Reality

aR provides digital support in your field of view without disrupting your experience of reality

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MR is where physical and digital objects co-exist and even start to interact with each other in real time.

Mixed Reality

Why Partner With Us

Why Partner With Us

We might have our heads in the clouds but we have our feet firmly on the ground.


Enterprises will be huge consumers of XR technology in the future and we want to help the best manufacturers and developers to succeed by building a strong channel for them in the Southern African market.

Vendors need serious businesses to take their products to market. Resellers and end users need excellent support.  That is where XR Works fits in: B2B distribution of XR solutions for enterprises, corporates, government and education institutions.

To register as a reseller click here or scan the QR code.


What's News

Items of interest we have seen in the news.


RealWear Unveils Next Generation Assisted Reality Headset for Frontline Professional with HyperDisplay


PICO Reveals New VR Headset for Businesses: PICO 4 Enterprise

VIVE (HTC).png

HTC VIVE launches powerful and versatile VIVE XR Elite

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