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Magic Leap black.png
Magic Leap 2.jpg
Field of View
120 Hz
Refresh Rate
260 g

Magic Leap 2

Magic Leap 2 is a powerful binocular AR headset that can project 3D objects onto the user’s view of the physical world in real time. 

About Magic Leap

The modern era of AR is young. Magic Leap helped create it.

In 2010, Magic Leap set out to recreate the human eye in order to develop the most advanced AR technology. Countless hours of research, proprietary technology, and manufacturing facilities to create it has lead to six form factors, 4,000+ patents, and Magic Leap 2 (and nearly every prestigious design award).

Magic Leap helping define the enterprise metaverse as it emerges. And it isn't about creating an alternate world. It's about creating a more productive one through the democratization of expertise.

Magic Leap technology gives people the ability to use their senses to interact with digital information, and translates the world around them (and their interaction with it) into valuable digital information. By changing the way professionals relate to technology, data, and their work, Magic Leap creates new possibilities and opportunities for their developer partners, enterprise partners, and end users.

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