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PICO 4 Enterprise: Where VR Meets Business

Virtual reality (VR) technology has revolutionized the way we experience and interact with the digital world. It has found applications in various industries, including healthcare, education, training, and productivity. PICO, a leading VR brand, understands the power of immersive experiences in unlocking business potential. That's why they have introduced the PICO 4 Enterprise, a next-generation, all-in-one VR headset designed specifically for enterprise customers.

The PICO 4 Enterprise builds upon the comfort and performance of its predecessor to bring next-generation features tailored for businesses. Oliver Wöhler, Enterprise Lead for EMEA at PICO, emphasizes their commitment to providing immersive enterprise solutions, stating, "At PICO, we are committed to offering software and hardware solutions that help our partners realize immersive enterprise solutions. The PICO 4 Enterprise does exactly that."

The PICO 4 Enterprise is the first PICO headset to feature precise face, eye, and hand tracking. With two infrared cameras, the headset offers a more immersive and interactive VR experience, enabling meaningful connections for businesses. The four well-placed SLAM cameras around the headset's thin frame allow high-precision tracking and mapping of the surrounding environment, all while maintaining a stylish appearance. The powerful 16MP RGB camera beneath the front panel delivers a display with high color saturation, covering 85% of the NTSC color gamut and 100% of the sRGB color gamut.

Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon® XR2 platform, the PICO 4 Enterprise offers cutting-edge display and graphics processing. With a 90Hz refresh rate, 4K+ screen, 105-degree field of vision, and 1,200 PPI, users can enjoy clear, uninterrupted journeys into virtual worlds. The headset's 5,300mAh rear-mounted battery supports the latest industry-standard Qualcomm Quick Charge QC 3.0, ensuring extended usage without interruption.

The PICO 4 Enterprise controllers are equally impressive. Featuring a one-piece rotating arc column with cleverly placed infrared sensors, they offer ease of movement and added protection through hit detection and spatial awareness. Supporting 6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom), users can enjoy a wider degree of movement within the virtual environment, while the HyperSense broadband motor provides realistic haptic feedback.

Comfort is a top priority with the PICO 4 Enterprise. Despite being packed with next-generation technology, it weighs just 300g, plus strap and battery, thanks to its compact and lightweight design. The implementation of smaller and lighter lenses in the Pancake Optics reduces the thickness of the case to a mere 35.8mm at its thinnest. The adjustable straps and double PU foam mask make it comfortable and easy to clean. The waterproof PU face mask is detachable, switchable, and disinfectable, ensuring hygiene. The anti-slip PU leather at the rear of the headset adds even greater comfort and control. The large battery provides up to three hours of use, and the fast-charge capabilities ensure minimal downtime.

The PICO 4 Enterprise is built for business, both inside and out. PICO headsets have already proven their value in improving collaboration and productivity across various industries. Integrated with PICO Business Suite, the PICO 4 Enterprise provides access to an Enterprise-level operations system, allowing PICO partners to manage their workflow securely and privately. The Business Suite offers three main functions: Sync, Streaming, and Kiosk Mode. These features enable multiple VR devices to connect, live streaming, and more automatic viewing. With a purpose-built Enterprise App Store, developer kits, and business exclusive settings, users of the PICO 4 Enterprise can experience a greater level of flexibility in integrating the headset into their business operations.

The PICO 4 Enterprise VR headset is a game-changer for enterprise customers. With its state-of-the-art performance technology, exceptional comfort, and business-centric features, it empowers businesses to unlock their potential and drive growth in key areas such as healthcare, education, training, and productivity. PICO's commitment to immersive enterprise solutions shines through the PICO 4 Enterprise, offering a gateway to a new world of possibilities for businesses everywhere.

Source: Pico XR News

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