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Hands-Free, Hassle-Free with RealWear and Zoom

RealWear improved things even further for Zoom users with an upgrade to HandsFree for Zoom.

We understand that the best way for new tech to be adopted is for it to integrate seamlessly into your existing solutions. When it comes to video comms, solutions don’t come much bigger than Zoom. We understood all too well that a combined solution would be of massive benefit to practically any industry as our hardware would offer a massive wealth of functionality to anybody that uses their amazing, intuitive software. As such, we opted to build a brand-new solution from the ground up to bring hands-free, voice commanded support to the frontline.

HandsFree for Zoom launched back in June 2022 for RealWear Navigator™ 500, RealWear HMT-1Z1, and RealWear HMT-1 – it was an immediate success. It vastly improved upon its predecessor by offering the ability to bring Zoom meetings to the frontline more easily, connecting even the most remote of workers to their teams. This meant that users could use their RealWear device to join and interact with their colleagues using simple voice commands, keeping their hands free to safely deal with the task at hand.

Still, there’s always room for improvement, for more functionality. We’re now four months on since HandsFree for Zoom launched and, while the release went very well, we’ve listened to our customers and looked at how to make it even better. We’ve been toiling away to iron out some kinks and add in further features to give frontline Zoom users even more superpowers.

So what’s new?

The big changes with HandsFree for Zoom 2.0 come in the form of some neat new features and updates:

New Languages Supported HandsFree for Zoom now features Japanese and Spanish languages, offering wider global support.


HandsFree for Zoom 2.0 now features complete support for annotations. A remote expert can now take a screenshot, annotate over the top of it, and send it back to the frontline worker’s display, thereby being able to better highlight and point things out. Screensharing

The ability to share your screen is a popular feature on Zoom’s desktop platform and now that functionality is being brought to RealWear users. This is particularly useful in that a remote expert can easily clarify a point by sending a document to the device simply by using the standard screen sharing functionality.


Zoom’s Whiteboard feature has proven to be a powerful collaboration tool for teaching and groupwork. The ability to present this content to a RealWear user means that they can easily visualize workflows and diagrams that will assist them in their task. Join Meetings Without a Password

RealWear device users can now join meetings simply by using a Meeting ID or scanning a QR code – which will take care of all the necessary login credentials – thereby speeding up the onboard process for the meeting.

Finally, we’ve made improvements to the overall user experience and taken care of any known issues.

So, there you have it! A handful of very useful new pieces of functionality that will make life easier for RealWear-toting Zoom users. We’re always looking to improve our products, so any feedback will be enormously appreciated.

HandsFree for Zoom 2.0 is available now through RealWear Cloud. To find out more, visit

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